Industrial Vehicles, Construction and Agricultural Machinery

Construction Machinery

Power Shift Transmission

This electronically controlled automatic transmission is equipped in vehicles such as large cranes, and is one of the first to provide a smooth operating experience for large construction machinery.


This product is a supplementary braking system that was developed in order to provide drivers of buses and large trucks that move at high speeds with a safer driving experience. This retarder is equipped in vehicles ranging from cranes to high-speed tour buses.

Damper Disc

Developed to both protect the drivetrain of construction machinery from shift shock and reduce the noise and vibrations produced by the drivetrains of tractors used in agricultural applications, this disc can be found in bulldozers, excavators, and farm tractors.

Industrial Vehicles

Power Shift Transmission

An automatic transmission possessing smooth operability and a lightweight, compact design for high performance use. This unit is used in vehicles such as forklifts.

Agricultural Machinery

Dual Clutch

Dual Clutches contain two discs, one of which puts the vehicle in motion, and another that extracts the power necessary to have the vehicle mechanically perform agricultural labor. This product is used in large-sized tractors.

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