Supplier Inquiry

Supplier Inquiry

EXEDY and its suppliers are always considering how we can improve safety, quality, delivery time, cost, the environment and new technology. Regardless of whether or not we have done business with you in the past, we are always looking for products and technology that further hone our competitive edge and keep us at the forefront of today's global markets.

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Our Basic Purchasing Policy

We strive for long-term and stable procurement opportunities founded on mutual trust, never forgetting the importance of two-way communication.

  1. 1We will always select reputable suppliers.
  2. 2We will provide support and promote continual self-improvement.
  3. 3We will conduct our procurement activities in a logical manner.

Conditions for Selecting Suppliers

  1. 1Must have an established system of quality assurance (IATF 16949 or ISO 9001).
  2. 2Are making proactive efforts towards green procurement (ISO 14001).
  3. 3Are actively considering how to lower cost through new and innovative technology, new products and proposals, global production and procurement, etc.
  4. 4Able to provide a flexible and speedy response to all demands.

Contact Information

DepartmentPurchasing Headquarters
Address1-1-1 Kidamotomiya, Neyagawa-shi, Osaka,

Please feel free to contact us by clicking the following link: Entry Form

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