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At EXEDY Group, we value our corporate philosophy “Creation of Fulfillment”, while we continue to grow as a global company contributing to society. This “Creation of Fulfillment” includes fulfillment for our customers through quality, cost and design, contribution to society by returning profits to shareholders and the payment of taxes, and happiness for our employees. Further, while carrying out our corporate activities in a healthy, fair and transparent manner, we aim to realize a sustainable development on both societal and global levels through “Creation of Fulfillment”.

Corporate Philosophy = Creation of Fulfillment
1) Fulfillment for Our Customers Excellence in QCD+D (Design)
2) Contributing to Society CSR・ Taxes・ Dividend・Creation of Shareholder Value
3) Happiness for Our Employees A company where employees are fulfilled

※ Quality, Cost, Delivery


At the EXEDY Group we ensure that we raise the awareness of all employees regarding our CSR activities, and promote CSR as a "way for our employees to approach their work". After learning the basics during the new employee training, we acquire a wide range of ideas of CSR through regular reading sessions of the Code of Conduct and incorporate them in our everyday work.

The EXEDY Group's CSR website consists of the following items:

The code for putting our CSR into practice

2019 Code of Conduct (ten languages)

The EXEDY Code of Conduct is distributed to all employees, including employees of our affiliated companies with the aim of spreading the basic policies, action guidelines and business manners to each and every member of the EXEDY Group working across the globe. The 2019 edition of our Code of Conduct was distributed to approx. 18,000 employees in 44 locations in 25 different countries.

The EXEDY Code of Conduct, first published in 1998 has been revised a total of 11 times, including the revision of the latest version issued on April 1, 2019, to respond to changes in various laws and regulations and changes in the social environment. Since 2013, we revise the Code of Conduct once a year so all employees can be informed on the latest information regarding our "EXEDY WAY" and "Midterm Consolidated Management Plan” showing our growth strategies.
In 2014 we started the localization of the Code of Conduct and it is now available in the following ten languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese, Malaysian and Kannada.

In addition to the Corporate Philosophy, Midterm Consolidated Management Plan and basic policies, it contains basic rules regarding compliance and corporate ethics and business manner, and through reading sessions at each department employees gain a thorough understanding.

CSR Training

New Employee Training

Every year in April we carry out CSR training at our Headquarters and Ueno Division for all our new employees, including employees at our affiliated companies. Here our employees learn about the basics of CSR and the importance of adhering to the Code of Conduct.

Stratified Education

In our management training, newly appointed managers learn about managing their employees (labor management, power harassment training, mental health etc.) and subcontracting law to enable them to carry out fair transactions with cooperating companies. We teach the participants about the leadership needed to lead their subordinates and earn the trust of their stakeholders with the aim to develop them into leaders that are able to support the company.

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