Our Contributions to Society

Our Contributions to Society

The burden that we place on our planet through production operations increases as environmental problems become more severe. Because of this, we need each and every one of our employees to further increase their awareness about the environmental problems we face. In order to be an exceptional corporate citizen, it is essential that we continually contribute to our local communities. We will spread these contribution activities throughout our network, tailoring them to the situations particular to each of our member companies.

Constructing a Disaster Prevention Park at Headquarters.

Evacuation Area at EXEDY
EXEDY's Disaster Prevention Park

This evacuation area was constructed by EXEDY for the people of Neyagawa city to use in case of an emergency or natural disaster. The disaster prevention park includes toilets and solar panels that generate power for nearby LED street lamps.

News: The Opening Ceremony for EXEDY's Disaster Prevention Park

Joint Firefighting Drills Held with the Fire Department

In order to strengthen ties with our local communities, we, together with the Iga City Fire Department, carried out joint firefighting drills for hypothetical disasters at our Ueno Division in Mie, Japan. A total of 120 employees and firefighters participated in these drills, which were conducted for a hypothetical earthquake with a magnitude slightly under 6 on the Richter scale. These drills included rescue training using the ladder of a fire truck and firefighting training with extinguishers filled with water.

A look at our firefighting and rescue drills
A look at our firefighting and rescue drills

EXEDY Introduces Some Countermeasures against Chemicals at the Osaka Prefectural Seminar for Countermeasures against Chemical Substances

A look at the seminarA look at the seminar

EXEDY received a request from Osaka Prefecture to deliver a lecture at the Seminar for Countermeasures against Chemical Substances, which was held by the prefecture for 450 Osaka businesspersons in March 2016. At the seminar, we gave some actual examples of measures we have taken to control chemical emissions as well as countermeasures taken to prepare for potential disasters.

Supporting Student Auto Racing Competitions

Student auto race (above) and solar car race (below)
Student auto race (above) and
solar car race (below)

We at EXEDY support student formula and solar car races in order to develop future engineers as well as improve automobile technologies. We have hopes that these students, through the process of building a vehicle, will work hard at improving fuel efficiency and lowering production costs, and from this grow into engineers that can create automobiles that are environmentally friendly.

Letter of Gratitude for Our AED Donation

The letter of gratitude
The letter of gratitude

In June 2015, we received a letter of gratitude from the Hirakata-Neyagawa Firefighters’ Union for our donation of AEDs. We will continue to diligently make contributions to our local communities.

Contributions to Our Community (Clean-up Campaigns, Planting Trees)

Along with our labor union the EXEDY Workers’ Community, we are working hard at environmental activities that unite both labor and management. In May 2016, we participated in Clean River Neyagawa, a clean-up campaign which consisted of cleaning up the area surrounding headquarters and planting trees there.

Planting trees and cleaning-up the area
Planting trees and cleaning up the area

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